Sima Industry specializes in the design, manufacture and implementation of liquid paint solutions for the surface treatment industry. Our solutions are aimed at the often very demanding conditions of your activities, where size and volume of the parts to be treated may vary from incredibly small to massive, and where temperature and humidity conditions are essential. We are fully dedicated to the metal and wood industry.

Our unique XXL booths and all-in-one solutions, for instance, are highly acclaimed in the major railway and aviation/aeronautics industries.

Some of our specialized offerings and solutions include spray booths, drying rooms, ash-off rooms, high-temperature drying rooms, mixing and storage rooms, 3D platforms, treatment tunnels, make-up ventilation units, humidifying and cooling systems, oor/ceiling conveyors, etc.

Boulevard Industriel 99
7700 Mouscron
T. +32 56 85 62 00
F. +32 56 85 62 01
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