Elektrotechniek Dekri

Highly skilled board builder

Elektrotechniek Dekri builds electrical installations within an industrial environment. The company specializes in meticulous engineering, manual assembly, high-quality cabling and compliant implementation of distribution and control panels, which form the proverbial heart of any electrical installation.

After all, it is precisely these power plants that supply the necessary power to motors, among other things, and thus ensure that our industry is under high voltage. Whatever industry a company is active in, Elektrotechniek Dekri likes to do its part in striving for higher efficiency.

Compressed air specialist with an eye for detail

Compressed air production accounts for roughly 8% of annual industrial electricity consumption. This while it is estimated that about a quarter of the compressed air generated is lost to either misuse or compressed air leaks. It goes without saying that a properly functioning compressed air installation is indispensable.

In view of the great expertise in the field of pneumatics and vacuum technology for industrial applications, Electrical Engineering Dekri can also play a role in this. Because the company may not sell air, but it can provide compressed air installations and pipes that the industry can rely on.

Elektrotechniek Dekri
Honderdweg 8
9230 Wetteren
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