Every painting line is part of a complex and continuous workflow. Our subsidiary, Clid Systèmes, has taken this knowledge and technology to a higher level, aimed at the automotive and OEM/car parts industry. Our robotic painting lines incorporate the most advanced technology available today, allowing for an immediate switch between batches and small production runs, as dictated by the Just-in-Time philosophy. They make production much more energy efficient and avoid costly and space-consuming stocks.

We can also equip your facility with dedicated and integrated robotic conveyors for the distribution of liquid or powder paints as well as more viscous substances. Our painting lines make use of our own proprietary concepts.

Our offer includes a multitude of systems and dedicated applications such as painting lines, powder-coating lines, painting robots, application of sealing products and sealer robots.

Reliability is a keyword with these applications. So as not to compromise the entire production chain, no single part of the process should be subject to failure. And this is precisely where we excel. Our technology, reliability, quality control, broad experience and knowledgeable approach ensure the continuous operation of your painting line and overall production flow.

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